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Animal Inspection, Removal, and Exclusion

Professional Wildlife Removal is an expert, fully prepared and equipped wildlife removal service. Since animal control is a full time job, we are available to you 24/7 for any nuisance animal services you may need. From skunks and groundhogs to birds and raccoons, we’re the professional service you need to manage your nuisance animals. We deal with the animals safely and humanely and manage the entire process from inspection and removal to repairs and animal proofing to give you total peace of mind.


Professional Wildlife Removal has specially trained technicians with the latest tools and methods to remove and manage wildlife in your home. Animal removal can be a difficult and sometimes dangerous undertaking as most animals are scared and territorial when they are discovered by humans. For both the safety of you and the animals, it is best to hire Professional Wildlife Removal to manage and remove nuisance animals and pests.

Professional Wildlife Removal is also aware that nuisance animals can frequently cause more issues than home damage and noise irritations. The diseases and parasites that frequently come with these nuisance animals can be incredibly harmful to both humans and domesticated pets. Thankfully, we are trained with the correct methods and equipped with the right tools to ensure that parasites and diseases are contained and do not affect your family.

Services We Offer

Professional Wildlife Removal will first come and do a full-scale inspection of your home and property. This is your first line of defense against nuisance animals. We evaluate all areas of your home and property and find any possible points of entry that would allow animals to get into your home. During our inspection, we will also look for any signs that animals have already broken into your home and make a course of action for addressing those animals.

If we find any signs of animals during the inspection, we will work with you to develop a plan for total removal. Whether you have mice in your walls or raccoons and bats in your attic, we can safely and humanely remove the animals from these areas. Our expert technicians have the proper training and experience to do this correctly while considering the safety of both themselves, the homeowners, and the animals.

After we have removed the animals, Professional Wildlife Removal will repair the animal affected areas in your home. We professionally clean up feces and droppings, deodorize places where the animals have nested, clean up nests, replace and restore insulation, repair soffit holes and more.

After the cleaning and repairs, it is important to animal proof the home so that the animals do not return. Our professional experts will ensure that your whole home is animal proofed with our guarantee that it will last for 3 to 5 years with normal wear and tear.

If you think that nuisance animals may have taken up residence in and around your home or if you just want to do a quick inspection ensure that any future issues with nuisance animals are prevented, Professional Wildlife Removal is here to help! Call us today for an inspection and we will help develop a course of action to help you deal with nuisance animals in your home.