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What are the things that the average wild animal needs? A source of water, a source of food, and somewhere warm and dry to rest its head or raise a small family. We offer many other services in addition to the above listed. We can solve pretty much any nuisance animal complaint. We address the root cause of the wildlife issue, and follow a complete step-by-step plan, including the following services: This may be getting raccoons out of the attic, trapping groundhogs, or providing mouse control.

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Without this knowledge, both time and money are wasted, and the chances of failure are increased. Where anticoagulant resistance is known or suspected, the use of first-generation anticoagulants should be avoided in favor of the second-generation anticoagulants or one of the non anticoagulant rodenticides like bromethalin or cholecalciferol. Tracking powders play an important role in structural rodent control. They may eat vegetation, but prefer to meat or meat-related wastes. These can be identified by the brown smudges of grease that comes from the rat’s fur, and should all be sealed to prevent future rat infestations in the attic. The preferred habitat of Norway rats is just about anywhere people reside. The most common rat in the area is the Norway rat. Some of their habitats include garbage dumps, sewers and fields.

There are many Michigan pest control companies, but most of them treat for insect problems, and have little experience dealing with wild animals. Same goes for bat or bird colonies. Professional Wildlife Removal Services will work with residential owners and managers of condominiums, apartment buildings, church and school grounds, etc. Platinum Wildlife Removal has access to tools, techniques, and experience that help them do a far better job at wildlife removal than a non-experienced homeowner could. Our highly qualified animal control teams can handle nearly any wildlife control issue in the Detroit Beach MI MI area with the help of our unique accumulation of expert knowledge.

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You can hear the slight peeping and see bats swooping around. What Is Rabies? Rabies is a disease that is caused by the virus Lyssavirus Rabies. This happens a lot, particularly in southern states, where these roofs are more common. This allows us to determine what equipment would be necessary for an exclusion and repair program. They are simple to construct, don’t cost much to build and can be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon teaching children about these lovely creatures.

You’d be amazed at the holes you see at night that escape you by day, and the nuisance bat behaviors you see that ensure 100% success. The second step involves sealing all gaps, cracks, and holes, leaving the primary access hole(s) open. More bats = better chance of being noticed. We also inspect the attic or other possible internal roost areas if possible. We recently (Aug/05) added a HEPA-vac to our equipment, and are now able to offer attic or other clean-outs.

Our lift can be positioned using a pickup truck, and can often be moved around by hand on hard surfaces. It has a wingspan of about 8 inches, a weight of half an ounce, and can live up to 16 years. These colonies are composed primarily of females. The incubation period is highly variable in animals and people. Whatever the issue, Attic Solutions can fix the damage. Read more about the problem bat guano cleanup process here.

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An attic is like a big, hollow tree or cave – it’s a great place to live! Additionally, female animals have a strong denning instinct when they are pregnant, and instinctively seek out safe, enclosed areas. Before you hire any knowledgeable exterminator or pest control company to handle a problem with raccoons in the attic, seek out a real wildlife specialist company, ask them to describe their process. Click here for photos. Electrical: Because raccoons are strong and have nimble paws, they can easily expose or tear electrical wires. Geography: The raccoon is native to North America and can be found throughout the United States, except for parts of the Rocky Mountains, and southwestern states like Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. I have a racoon in my roof who do I call – You call a professional wildlife control man. In fact, the FTC has issued an official warning against the high-pitch noise machines, stating that they are 100% ineffective and fraudulent.

A mother problem raccoon is very protective of its young, and will do anything for them, so it will always enter a trap to get to its young, even if it is smart and “cage shy”. I always ask the homeowner if they hear the chattering noise, and if so, where they hear it. If you do relocate the raccoon, it should be at least five miles from the capture site. The above repairs and cleanup are often covered by homeowner’s insurance. You want someone who will crawl through the attic relentlessly to find the baby raccoons.

So please, if you have nuisance raccoons in the attic, do address the problem, but do it correctly. Click here to read my poem about my special Coonskin Cap! Wildlife Education – Information, Advice, and Techniques for the Safe Removal of pest raccoons from Attics. The market is full of products, strategies and DIY guides to get pest raccoons out of your attic, but at best they may only partially solve your problem. Right now you are totally focused on locating the litter, but don’t forget your personal safety. You can easily get a trap at a hardware store, but making it work successfully is a different story.

Leftover urine or waste you could not reach are still disease carriers and will continue producing a bad smell. Now your attic is totally clean and safe to be in. Why You Should Hire A Wildlife Professional To Get pest raccoons Out Of Your Attic. Our services will guarantee you a definitive solution and deliver the quality of products and repairs that you want and deserve.

It takes an experienced pro to safely and legally remove a colony of bats. If your city is not on our map, consult your local blue pages. I asked the company to describe their service range, and they said this We service the following Greater Detroit Beach MI cities: Detroit Beach MI; East Detroit Beach MI; Okemos; Grand Ledge; Williamston; Haslett; Mason; Holt; Dimondale; Potterville; Charlotte; Dewitt; Bath; Bellevue; Olivet; Brighton; Howell; Fowlerville; Webberville; Eaton Rapids; and some other fringe areas. For Detroit Beach MI pest control of wildlife, just give us a call at 248-284-2250 and we will discuss your wildlife problem and schedule an appointment to solve it. Eliminate all moles, and stop them from coming back! Any prevention tips for residents in your area?.

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Both are black and white and have distinctive markings, with the skunk being larger and weighing up to ten pounds. The best method still remains to live cage trap the nuisance skunk and relocate it somewhere else. They have two internal glands at the base of the tail which can produce a thick, volatile, oily liquid containing sulfur compounds. If there is soil underneath the potential entrances, bury the wire at least 6 inches to discourage skunks from digging under. Food placed outdoors for pets should be gotten rid of by nightfall. They may euthanize the animal for a fee. Once the tail is raised, be on alert. A problem skunk can release a spray of oily liquid as far as 10-15 feet and spray up to six times in succession. Of course, the stench is too much for most animals to bear, and serves as a strong warning against future attacks.

Set the cage trap down and open the door; step back and keep your face away. Homeowners should also avoid using poison or other inprofessional means to get rid of their problem skunk pests. After 2 to 3 months, the babies can be seen following their mother as she makes her nightly rounds in search of food. Thus, striped skunks cause some of the following nuisances. Measures for pest striped skunk control are very similar to raccoon or opossum control. Striped skunks are easy to recognize with their bold black and white coloring.