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Whether it be the chewing of rodents, the removal of screening by a raccoon, or the droppings of a colony of bats, Professional Wildlife Removal Services can fix the damage, and eliminate the source of the problem. We service Eaton County, Ingham County, Calhoun County, Clinton County, Barry County, Livingston County and Shiawassee County. We have those numbers listed here for your convenience. This work may be covered by homeowners insurance. They also eat the roots of plants, often killing the plant and destroying your landscaping.

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Within a year, one female may be responsible for up to 40 new rodents. When droppings are seen, it is a good practice to remove those droppings and later inspect to see whether new droppings were deposited. Trapping is the preferred method of indoor control. They are sometimes found living in rice fields or around poultry or other farm buildings as well as in industrial sites where food and shelter are available. They also feed on a variety of vegetative parts of ornamental and native plant materials. The number of litters depends on the area and varies with nearness to the limit of their climatic range, availability of nutritious food, density of the local rat population, and the age of the rat. The advantages of trapping when compared to baiting include: 1) Trapping does not require the use of harmful poisons; 2) Trapping allows the user to know whether the rat was killed, whereas with baiting the rat will wander off and die somewhere else; 3) Trapping eliminates odor problems by allowing you to dispose of the rat carcass. Since none of these are anticoagulants, all can be used to control anticoagulant resistant populations of roof rats.

The goal of Professional Wildlife Removal Services is to quickly and humanely eliminate the animals causing the problems. Rodent control must be done in a very specific way. Residents who find the carcasses of small mammals, such as rabbits and mice, on their property may be dealing with foxes or coyotes. Platinum Wildlife Removal is a full-service Orion MI wildlife removal company. Our highly qualified animal control teams can handle nearly any wildlife control issue in the Orion MI MI area with the help of our unique accumulation of expert knowledge.

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You can guess how pleasant that becomes after a week or so. What problems do bats cause when they live in a building? Unfortunately, no repellent of any kind has been shown to work in the slightest. They may make several trips per night. They are simply opportunists.

Studies have shown nuisance bats have returned from distances of up to 150 miles, so trapping and “moving” nuisance bats only creates a false sense of security for homeowners who see the problem bats “caught and hauled away”. The bat exclusion process requires several steps. We sometimes inspect structures during the late fall or winter season, but it may only allow us to provide a rough estimate if poor weather conditions prevent us from climbing on the structure or using ladders. We also inspect the attic or other possible internal roost areas if possible. Most homeowners policies will not cover any rodent damage or removal, but since bats are not rodents contacting your agent prior to an exclusion is suggested.

We have added 2 additional lifts to our equipment in late 2005. They mate in the fall, but delay fertilization, and one pup is born in early June, and can fly about eight weeks later. The females form huge clusters, very frequently in man-made architecture such as church towers, attics, bridges, etc. The virus usually attaches itself to the nervous system and works its way along to the brain. The presence of pest bats in your attic is a big enough inconvenience, but when you have a problem bat problem, it’s not just their presence that you need to worry about. Read about pest bat prevention here.

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And remove whatever is attracting the raccoons – if they’re pooping in the pool, put a board with spikes on the steps. Attic animal removal – That’s what I do best! So do the professionals on my directory list. Distemper is also an important raccoon disease, the early stages of which mimic rabies, and it’s important that domestic dogs and cats have full vaccinations and are checked for worms once a year. f you want to get rid of raccoons in your house, make sure your house is secure, with no holes or openings into the attic. Heavy scratching noise coming from ceiling what is it – It can be any number of nocturnal pest animals, but the best bet, if it’s heavy, is a coon or possum. I set the trap against at least one wall and put a heavy divider, such as a concrete block or wooden plank on the other side so that the mother does not try to reach through the trap from the outside first and trigger it. In addition, I’ve seen several cases in which homeowners have caught neighborhood pet cats.

Then when you enter the attic, you scare the mother problem raccoon out with your presence (make noise or chase it with a snare pole) and it will run out of the attic, out its hole, and right into the trap! Or, if the mother problem raccoon stands its ground in the attic, you can physically capture it with a professional snare pole. I often sit, very still, in the attic for a while, listening carefully. Let the babies go as well (put them in a box with heat), even if they are very young, and the mother pest raccoon will always come back for them and bring them to a new shelter. There’s a reason for wildlife removal professionals, whose level of expertise and knowledge is just as relevant as that of many other professions, such as electricians or plumbers. I have reviewed most of the companies on this wildlife removal directory and believe most are humane and competent.

Do you seal entry points to prevent re-entry? 6. In terms of repellants, eviction fluid is the only one that might work, but this is not a home remedy, it’s a commercialized liquid or paste that is made with male pest raccoon gland secretions and urine. Once you are done reading this post, you will know all the steps needed to get problem raccoons out of your attic and repair all the damage. There are several techniques for going about this step, but we want to consider the only one that is safe and humane for the raccoons, which is trapping. The unwelcome guests are gone, and your home is quiet again.

pest raccoons feces are quite easy to remove with the necessary precautions, not so with urine. In addition to ripping apart your roof and walls to create a way into your attic, problem raccoons can destroy whatever they find in there. We can assist you during the process to assess the damages, claim your insurance coverage and restore and repair your property to its original state. Our services will guarantee you a definitive solution and deliver the quality of products and repairs that you want and deserve.

Orion MI wildlife removal company services Orion MI, MI. If you need assistance with a domestic animal, such as a dog or a cat, you need to call your local Michigan county animal services or SPCA for assistance. I asked the company to describe their service range, and they said this We service the following Greater Orion MI cities: Orion MI; East Orion MI; Okemos; Grand Ledge; Williamston; Haslett; Mason; Holt; Dimondale; Potterville; Charlotte; Dewitt; Bath; Bellevue; Olivet; Brighton; Howell; Fowlerville; Webberville; Eaton Rapids; and some other fringe areas. For example some wildlife have found that attics make great places to live. Critters like to go into attics for a safe place to live and raise their young. Fully Michigan and Oakland County licensed and insured.

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You can set traps at the edge of the porch then. Reducing food sources will make your yard or property less attractive, so try to reduce outdoor rodent populations, don’t store companion animal food outdoors, control grubs in lawn, and secure garbage can lids. There really is no need to kill the nuisance skunk under a porch, plus it almost always sprays when it is killed, leaving you with a dreadful odor and a carcass. We can fog any affected area with a special enzyme-based cleaner that destroys any organic matter and deodorizes the space, but it is not a 100% solution. Food placed outdoors for pets should be removed by nightfall. It is also called ‘putting the animal to sleep’. If a wire live cage trap is used, cover the back end with an old blanket when setting the trap. However, they may leave the winter burrow for short periods during warm weather. Food remains the greatest pull for wandering wildlife.

They are mostly carnivorous and feed on rodents considered harmful to humans like moles, shrews, ground squirrels, rats, mice and other small mammals. There may be a hole along you wall somewhere in your garage that serves as an entrance. To identify them, see pictures of skunk poop. I’ve never had a nuisance skunk spray inside one of these traps. If the pest skunk whip their rear end around at you with their rectum facing you, and they look back over their shoulder at you, tail high and flared, run! Run as fast as you can, because it’s about to let loose with its terrible smelly spray! The most effective single bait for striped skunks is usually a meat-based bait, such as wet cat food.




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