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Wildlife Removal in Warren MI We service Eaton County, Ingham County, Calhoun County, Clinton County, Barry County, Livingston County and Shiawassee County. We are not extermination companies, we are professional Michigan trappers of wildlife. Unwanted Wildlife on Property? This may be getting raccoons out of the attic, trapping groundhogs, or providing mouse control.

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You might find holes in walls and wood. Where label instructions permit, small blocks can be placed or fastened on rafters, ledges, or even attached to tree limbs, where they are readily accessible to the arboreal rats. Unfortunately, the rat’s great adaptability to varying environmental conditions can sometimes make this information elusive. They lead you to believe there is no other rat control solution. These rats are nocturnal and are excellent climbers. The older rodenticides, formerly referred to as acute toxicants, such as arsenic, phosphorus, red squill, and ANTU, are either no longer registered or of little importance in rat control. The long, sensitive whiskers (vibrissae) near their nose and the guard hairs on their body are used as tactile sensors. Roof rats will often move into sugarcane and citrus groves.

The same goes for bird droppings on or in buildings. Safety is a concern. Read more about how to get rid of rats. Platinum Wildlife Removal performs a full inspection of the home or property, and determines why the animal(s) are there, and if inside a building, how the animals got inside. Nuisance animals cause odor problems in a variety of ways.

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Why do bats like to live in attics? Usually state universities will have sections of their websites dedicated to locally found bats and when the young are reared. Tightly bag and seal this waste and toss. This can be in the form of piles of guano (bat waste) building up on the floor. These colonies are composed primarily of females.

You’d be amazed at the holes you see at night that escape you by day, and the problem bat behaviors you see that ensure 100% success. This is done on a fairly clear night, as rainy and windy conditions are not favorable for bats to locate flying insects. We can arrange our schedule and also pick up all the necessary materials for each job in advance. A quick tip: If a company claiming to do nuisance bat work shows up for an inspection without a ladder, be cautious. The cost of a standard BCI approved problem bat house ranges from $50 to $75.

It is great for installing chimney caps on 2 or 3 story homes. The Mexican Free-Tail nuisance bat Tadarida brasiliensis is common in the south. pest bats use echolocation in order to aid in navigation and feeding on the wing. Medical council recommends that the person bit by an animal be given appropriate treatment by a professional practitioner within 12 hours from the time of the bite. Allowing pest bats to continue taking up residence in your home can lead to greater worries, including health problems and serious damage to your home. Read more about bat trapping here.

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A wildlife specialist will use proper tools and sanitizing products to fog or spray your attic. As such, attic insulation can quickly become damaged when trampled on or littered with urine and feces, although it is not common in most cases for raccoons to defecate in their den site (except during baby season). Can raccoon in attic crash through ceiling – Oh yes, you bet they can, I’ve seen it happen many times. They fall through the ceiling from the attic. Especially when a female raccoon is concerned about having a safe place to raise her young, a harassing presence including any scent (predator urine is good, as is raccoon eviction fluid discussed below) and noise (radio) might encourage her to leave the attic with her young. How to release a raccoon – Be careful. Don’t stick your hand or fingers in the trap, or you might get bitten. Bring the animal to an appropriate relocation site, and open the door with care and let it run out. Then take the trap and walk away. How To Target The Correct Animal? One problem amateurs encounter is that they set a trap and catch every other animal in the neighborhood, instead of the animal that is causing the problem. If it sounds as though they just want to set a trap on the ground and quickly get to the next customer, find someone else.

There are other ways to remove them all without using the “babies as bait” method. If that doesn’t work, or to pin down the exact spot, I carefully run my hand over the wall or ceiling, and when I feel a warm spot, I know that’s where the litter of young are nesting! I cut a hole in the drywall adjacent to the area, and remove the young, and then patch up the hole. If you do relocate the raccoon, it should be at least five miles from the capture site. Often its this type of damage that caused a homeowner to call me out to remove the problem raccoons in the first place. The Bottom Line is that a problem raccoon in the attic is a serious problem, and it’s often not the kind of thing that can be solved with a quick and easy fix.

Again, if they’re already familiar with your property or they’ve already made themselves comfortable in your attic, you must be joking if you’re thinking that the smell of hair will make them leave. The other thing that works is having a wildlife control expert take care of the problem. This is no doubt a cruel way to get rid of raccoons. Right now you are totally focused on locating the litter, but don’t forget your personal safety. You can easily get a trap at a hardware store, but making it work successfully is a different story.

Urine is absorbed by the insulation, so you will most likely have to replace it. During their stay, they trample the insulation and cover it with droppings, making it useless or severely reducing its efficiency. We can assist you during the process to assess the damages, claim your insurance coverage and restore and repair your property to its original state. If you have problem raccoons on your property and want your home to be a safe place again, click the link below, and we’ll be happy to help you.

Many homeowners may be unaware that they even have an unwanted visitor in their home if not for the noise. Including pest removal of critters, eviction, exclusion, wildlife prevention, structural damage and attic restoration without killing any animals. I therefore recommend a company called Platinum Wildlife Removal which services Warren MI, Michigan. For the welfare of your situation, and the squirrels, in some cases it’s best to hire a pro. Damaged insulation is considered structural damage and is usually covered by quality home insurance providers. Performs full building inspections: enters and inspects attic.

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The most effective way to make your property less attractive to skunks is by reducing access to food, water, and shelter that the animals need. The best method still remains to live trap the pest skunk and relocate it somewhere else. There really is no need to kill the problem striped skunk under a porch, plus it almost always sprays when it is killed, leaving you with a dreadful odor and a carcass. If there is soil underneath the potential entrances, bury the wire at least 6 inches to discourage skunks from digging under. The nuisance striped skunk odor is a repellent of bobcats. But I haven’t smelled it down here, not even on the highways. Striped skunks are attracted to residential areas by the availability of food, water, and shelter. To stop striped skunks from being in your garden, a more professional effort would be to place chicken wire around the perimeter of your garburrow plot as well as your compost pile, if you have one. If any of these abnormal behaviors is observed, you must not attempt to get rid of the skunk by yourself, but alert your local animal department, a wildlife expert, or the police department for help.

Care should always be taken to guarantee the animal is euthanized licensedly. Skunks do not hibernate but generally remain inactive during winter, surviving on their fat stores. After 2 to 3 months, the kits can be seen following their mother as she makes her nightly rounds in search of food. The blanket serves two purposes. This is released primarily in self defense. Striped skunks range in size and appearance, depending on species.




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